Class work and Google Hangouts Meet

Most class work will be issued two ways:

For EYFS the staff will be sharing things using Tapestry, which most parents have access to. Some work (for Reception only) will be shared via Google Classroom.

Staff setting work for Years 1 to 6 will be setting work using Google Classroom - all children have access to this, their own accounts and should be comfortable using it. If there are any issues with Google usernames and passwords then please email me at or

Within the above staff will give clear direction as to what other websites or resources children may be asked to use. Where individual usernames and passwords are required they have been shared with children in Years 1 to 6, who have then stored in Google Keep. If any aren't stored there, or the child cannot access Google Keep, then email me at or and I will sort this, liaising with staff as required.

Children will be asked to join various Google classrooms by their teachers. Some may be tempted to join other ones but they will be removed by teachers who will be monitoring users!

I have added a presentation below that parents may want to watch that explains Google Classroom a bit more.

2020 Crosthwaite Parents' Guide to Google Classroom.pptx