Home learning - March 2020


Dear all,

These web pages will be used to provide a range of activities for everyone to try - for children and families. We will also upload various other suggestions and ideas (e.g. Timetables for children to follow) but please note that these are suggestions - we are trying to be helpful and not trying to impose a daily timetable on every child and give every family a huge list of things they must do in these strange times!

We will also add suggestions we receive from other organisations that seem good in case anyone wants to try them but will try and limit this - the wealth of information, websites and online learning options schools are being sent is impressive, and gratefully received, but we're very conscious of overloading everyone with things so will attempt to share quality rather than quality!

As the days progress we will add to these pages and also introduce ways of sharing everything.

Finally, all children have access to video conference calls with their friends and classmates (and staff if needed!). This facility is, we believe, very important for them to keep in contact with each other and also to relieve stress - both theirs and parents! However, though we can ways of restricting the use of this (including as specified on Timetables) the overall monitoring of it will fall to parents!

In addition to this, any calls made outside of the Crosthwaite domain (@crosthwaiteprimary.net) will result in the facility being withdrawn.