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Crosthwaite Primary uses its Twitter account (@CrosthwaiteSch) to show what we do, give a taste of school life and also to provide an insight to the activities children of all ages take part in across all areas of the school curriculum. If you are interested in a particular area then you can search using hashtags as follows:

For EYFS (full area name not required for search):

#croseyfsccl (Communication and Language)

#croseyfspsed (Personal, social and Emotional development)

#croseyfsreading (Reading)

#croseywriting (Writing)

#croseymaths (Maths)

#croseyfstw (Understanding the World)

#croseyfsead (Expressive Arts and Design)

#croseypd (Physical Development)

#croseyfsoutdoorlearning (Outdoor Learning)

#croseyfscomputing (Computing)

For Years 1 to 6 - All hastags start with #cros    Then add subjects / topics as follows (full subject name in brackets not required for search):

maths (Mathematics)

eng (English

geog (Geography)

hist (History)

music (Music)

sci (Science)

art (Art)

dt (Design Technology)

comp (Computing)

pshe (Personal, Social, Health Education)

pe (Physical Education)

ethos (Ethos team work)

re (Religious Education)

character (Character Education)

french (French)

globalwork (Global work and / or links)

Then add Year groups as follows (includes a capital Y):

Y12 Y34 Y56

For example:

#crosengY12 or #crosmathsY34 or #croscompY56