World Box Day 2020

What is it?!

The History of World Box Day in a post: Pete Rafferty Blog!

The overall aim of 'World Box Day' is for children, parents and carers, families and classes all over the world to come together and find a new way to safely find out a bit more about the world! To do this, each 'entrant' needs to decorate a box in a way that is attractive and informative WITHOUT saying where people are based / living. 'Attractive and informative' is all it needs to be - how you interpret this is up to you!

The rules are as follows:

1. Boxes can be any size and decorated in any way!

2. No personal information is allowed to be shared - tweets that show this will be deleted!

3. In the box should be three items that give further clues as to the part of the world the box was created in (Country, area, town - NO specifics) again without stating actual location etc.

4. Keep it positive!

5. That's it!

From Monday the 13th of April onwards you can tweet your entries to @worldboxday

After this, have a look at the other entries, guess where they are from and reply to their tweets with comments, or suggestions... You can guess / reply to as many tweets as you want to!

Later in April we will ask everyone that has entered a box to tweet again, confirming what part of the world they are in - then everyone can see if their guesses were correct or not.