Lego and Duplo Ideas

The official Lego website has lots of ideas for families and children, as follows:


Let’s Build Together - Ideas of games and things to make: Lets Build together - click here!

Free Lego Life Magazine ages 5-9 (4 a year) Ideas and comic (PARENTS sign up for an account): Lego Life Magazine - click here to register

Interactive Building Instructions: Click here for building instructions


There are games, videos and building instructions for different Lego sets - Lego for Kids

Other ideas!

2 minute challenges:

Build something only using certain bricks e.g. one colour or one size;

Something beginning with a letter e.g. 'd';

Tower - how many bricks did you use? Can you beat your score?

First initial of your name (mosaic or 3D);

Make something only using a certain number of bricks e.g. 20;

Easter Themed Ideas - Why not try to build one of the following:

An Easter Bunny!

Easter Chick;

An Easter Garden (maybe linked in with the R.E. work that Mrs Fletcher has set?);

An Easter basket - nothing wrong with adding a few chocolate eggs to this!

These may depend on how many bricks you have at home - let us have pictures of anything created so we can share it with Lego via Twitter!

Story ideas:

Why don't you read a story and then build an item from it? For example, The Three Billy Goats Gruff - build a bridge; The Three Little Pigs - build a brick house; Jack and the Beanstalk - build a cottage, a giant, green beanstalk and the castle. Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory - as big as you can make it!

And a few other suggestions...

Lego Charades: Print and Play Lego Charades - Click here (Printer required);

Duplo Animal Alphabet Cards: Duplo cards - Click here (Printer required);

Lego Ideas e.g. animal mosaic cards, Easter eggs, air hockey pitch: Various Lego ideas... and also here: More Lego ideas!