English and Topic (Geography and History):

Children should use the 'Planet Earth and its Scientists' classroom - a code will be E-mailed to them the first week after Easter so they can join. This classroom will be used to combine work for the whole half-term (in these subjects) which focuses on Planet Earth, Scientists (past and present) and also two types of writing: Biographies and Auto-Biographies and fantasy stories! As part of our writing we will be producing short stories on 'Journey to the centre of the Earth'.

In addition to the above, work will also be set in spag.com and Spelling Shed, linked to work added to the classrooms above. Children have their usernames and passwords for these two online sites saved in their Google Keep accounts - please let me know if they do not work or cannot access them.


Children should go to the Distance Learning - Year 5/6 Maths Classroom.

I will set weekly work which I hope the children will complete. The work will involve videos to watch and worksheets to complete. There will also be online exercises to complete. I have created a tracking sheet for the children to complete so that they know exactly what they need to do and can record how they found the work - using smiley faces! The tracking sheet should be ‘turned in’ at the end of each week (the children know how to do this!).

If they need any help with the work they are more than welcome to contact me via Google Classroom, or email. I will continue monitoring the Prodigy Leaderboard and will publish it every Friday so children are encouraged to make some time to play on Prodigy each week. Children are also expected to complete their times tables test (Bad Boyz!) every week - I have created an online version for children to use. Again, I will publish the leaderboard each Friday.


Children should go to the Distance Learning - ICT Year 5/6 Classroom. I will set weekly work which I hope the children will complete, recognising the unusual situation we find ourselves in! The work will involve using Google CS First and Google Applied Skills - these are both websites we use within school lessons. The website addresses are all detailed in the Classroom. Children have their login details in Google Keep.


We will continue to study the modules outlined in the schools long term plans to ensure continuity moving forwards. Earth and Space is our topic for Year 5 and 6 this term. We can spend some time with Professor Brian Cox and some hands-on activities for children will be shared using Google Classroom so they can get involved.

Detailed information about what children should learn in science can be found here:

I will put science activities in the children's Google science classrooms, which they all should have access to. They can contact me via E-mail (jgarner@crosthwaiteprimary.net) and share the activities they have enjoyed with me. I look forward to hearing from you all!

STEAM School:

The steam school website (STEAM School website - click here to log-in ) is full of interviews with actual scientists keen to tell you all about the work they do. The information is split into missions (you can find the missions tab on the left hand side) there are four missions that you can currently access - 'Fly me to...', 'No PlanetB', 'Mixed reality' and 'Feed the world'.

If you click on a mission you would like to know more about you will find some mission challenges. The challenges are split into 6 areas - scientists, engineer, entrepreneur, digital maker, artist, leader. There are three challenges for each professional.

The missions you choose and the challenges you do are up to you. Some challenges include - 'writing a rap or poem' or 'create a presentation explaining the different techniques available in vertical farming'. You can pick the challenges that suit what you are interested in.

All the information that you need to complete the challenges is supplied in video interviews with scientists and in website links which you can find under the mission challenges.