Dear Parents,

The Years 3&4 classroom will be used to share all our English, Topic and Maths activities for home learning. The suggested timetable for activities will help you to guide the learning with your child at home and indicate the type of lessons which will be available on the different Google Classrooms. If they need any help with the work, they are more than welcome to contact me via Google Classroom, E-mail or even set up a Google Meet, but they need to be aware that I may not be able to reply instantly.

English and Topic:

With our cross-curricular learning approach, most of the work we cover in English is linked to our class topic for each half-term. Over the next few weeks, we will continue to complete our ‘Lost and Found’ unit which focuses on the history of Ancient Maya.

We have made a good start with our class book of ‘Charlie and The Chocolate Factory’ which is a link to the Maya invention of chocolate. Most of our English work will now be based on this book, as well as information Slides shared on the Maya Civilisation. Our English activities will be set Tuesday-Friday in the classroom.


Reading is suggested as Monday on the timetable but this is something all children should be doing regularly at home. On Monday, I will however be sharing reading texts and questions for children to answer according to their guided reading group (they will know which group they are in).


Just like in school, spellings will be tested on a Monday from next week. If children want to complete their spelling test in the usual way, with their friends, they can access the Spelling Shed Hive Code between 10:00-10:15 on a Monday morning. If this time is not convenient for you, or you would prefer to test your child in your own way, that is not a problem.

New spelling lists will be shared each Monday mornings following the Spelling Shed test. Please note that new spellings will be tested and shared tomorrow (Wednesday 25th March) for this week!


Maths activities will be shared on Monday which will include a lesson for each day of the week. Our focus is currently Fractions. The work will involve either a video or an information presentation, followed by a worksheet or an online exercise. Each child should have an individual tracking sheet to complete so they know where they are up to each day. The tracking sheet should be ‘turned in’ at the end of each week. There are additional activities set which are mentioned at the bottom of their tracking sheet.

Practical activities and discussions such as cutting a cake/pizza into fractions will help further their understanding!


We will continue to study the modules outlined in the schools long term plans to ensure continuity moving forwards. We will finish our environmental topic first and then we will move onto the sound topic. Detailed information about what children should learn in science can be found here:

I will put science activities in the children's Google science classrooms, which they all should have access to. They can contact me via e mail and share the activities they have enjoyed with me. I look forward to hearing from you all!


Children should go to the Distance Learning - ICT Year 3/4 Classroom. If they don;t have access to this then please E-mail me at sking@crosthwaiteprimary.net. I will set weekly work which I hope the children will complete, recognizing the strange situation we all find ourselves in!

The work will involve using Google CS First - this is a website which we have started using in class. The task will have videos to watch and tasks to complete in order to reach the goal. The website address is detailed in the Classroom.

Children have login details on laminated strips of paper or have stored them in Google Keep.

Any questions, then please ask.