Dear Parents,

I hope you are managing to access the material on The Year 1&2 Classroom? I will continue to provide activities for the children to engage with whilst not at school with this half terms focus on The Great Fire of London. YouTube clips, Websites, Powerpoints, Google Forms (questions) suggested activities, Docs and many other things will be posted on there regularly for the benefit of the children.

Please read as much as possible with your child. I appreciate that all of the school books that got brought home may have been read so I will add (at least twice a week) some reading comprehension activities onto Classroom for you. These will not all be related to this half terms topic but will be age appropriate for Year 1&2.

I would highly recommend using this website There are some fantastic activities on there and it will allow the children to get their ‘fix’ of Land Rovers as I am not there to help with this!

Please add comments on Classroom, and if possible, I will attempt to resolve any issues that may arise.

Stay safe,

Mr Johnson

Please see below suggested activities to support the topic ‘London's Burning’:


Maths tends not to be closely linked to topic work. The areas to cover are ‘position and direction, division and addition and subtraction’. Daily Power Points will be available on Classroom as well as supporting activities on Mymaths. In addition to this practical activities that can be completed around the home will also be suggested on Classroom.

Please continue to support your child with their times tables and encourage rapid recall of simple additions to 20 and doubles to 100.


It would be good if children kept a diary of their days at home. This is a great chance to talk about tenses and ensuring the children continue to write in the correct tense. To support our topic I would like the children to write a recount of the events leading up to, during and after the Great Fire of London. A few video clips will be put on classroom to watch and a simple google search brings up lots of website to gather information. This can be done in their books or on docs and shared with me. I would also like the children to write a poem based on the song ‘London’s Burning’. More about the poems will be posted on Classroom including videos to watch and templates to use.

I will also add some reading and reading questions onto Classroom once everybody settles into using the online activities.


This topic should really inspire you to build some scale models of 1666 London! Please spend 3-4 weeks building the models and then, if you are willing, burn it (very strict parental supervision here a MUST), obviously starting in pudding lane and the bakery - videos and photos are a must for this activity! This could also be an ideal opportunity to test those fire alarms and talk about keeping safe at home and our superb fire brigade that originated because of this disaster.

Also make some bread in your own mini bakery. Follow recipes, weigh ingredients, set oven temperatures, discuss time and telling the time.


A slide document about events of The Great Fire of London - please share with me.

List 5 rivers in the UK - please include The Thames and The River Severn. As a challenge find out the source and mouth of each river, any major cities they pass through, its length in miles and then order them from shortest to longest.

Possible other activities:

  • Name 5 rivers and include its source, mouth, length and any cities it travels through;

  • Write a recount of the Great Fire of London;

  • Double numbers to 100;

  • Make a slide fact file of the Great Fire of London;

  • Build a model of 1666 London. Burning it is optional!

  • Divide numbers in 2s, 3s, 4s, 5s and 10s. Challenge yourself and divide in 6's, 7's, 9's and 11's;

  • Make a compass with North, South East and West on!

  • Complete your big maths tests as fast as you can;

  • Keep a daily diary of learning at home;

  • Make bread in your home mini bakery.


We will continue to study the modules outlined in the schools long term plans to ensure continuity moving forwards. It's supposed to be 'Forest School's this half term and I'm definitely missing the views from Robin's Garden! I will share some outdoor learning activities and challenges in Google Classroom for children to complete this term.

Further information about what children should learn in science can be found here:

I will put science activities in the children's Google science classrooms, which they all should have access to. They can contact me via E-mail ( and share the activities they have enjoyed with me. I look forward to hearing from you all!