Reading Challenge

The Tube Challenge!

As part of encouraging all children to read more, as well as to read a greater range of fiction books, we have spent the term getting systems in place for the children to attempt the 'Tube challenge'! These challenges are sets of books, arranged as Tube lines, which the children can attempt to read over the course of the year - please see the attached Posters which cover the challenge for each Key Stage.

Prior to closure last Friday we tried to issue all children with at least two books to read - linked to the tube challenges below. The challenges show which books can be read by each key stage and - if at all possible - we would encourage children to read the ones they have taken home, the ones they have at home and any their lovely parents are willing to buy them online. To show they have read the books we would ask that they create a quiz based on it using Google Forms - some children may need help with this though most of KS2 should be more than competent.

As these quizzes are created (and then E-mailed to staff) they will be uploaded to Google Classroom for other children to attempt after they have read the book...I hope this makes sense!

Key Stage 1 Tube Challenge!.pdf

Key Stage 1 Tube Challenge!

Key Stage 2 Tube Challenge!.pdf

Key Stage 2 Tube Challenge!